Nature gives and nature heals if we ease in to its pace.

At Red Brick, nestled among the vast fields of the Lithuanian countryside, the time becomes a discovery of nature’s bounty, revealed in a culinary journey that takes you through the night into a new day. Arrive to the place where your food grows, allow us to walk you through a path of flavour and a discovery of senses.


In August 2023, organic Red Brick restaurant opens doors at Farmers Circle. The guests are invited to an immersive culinary experience, hosted by Icelandic chef Arnór Ingi Bjarkason. Showcasing products from the surrounding fields of the regenerative farm, foraged produce from nearby forests and seafood from the Baltic and Nordic region, Arnór creates ever changing menus that evolve with each season.

The guests are welcome to stay overnight at Sleepy Horse guest house, enjoy Red Brick cooked breakfast, linger on in the farm to explore the farm, and pick the vegetables in season.

Opening hours

Dinners Wednesday – Saturday from 18:00
Family lunch on Saturdays from 12:30

Ready to join the journey?