Farm shop price list


The products are available at Farm shop, located in the main building.

Opening hours Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 17:00

Milk caramel with Belgian chocolate 50g €2.50
Original milk caramel 50g €2.50
Milk caramel with Belgian chocolate 220g €5.20
Milk caramel with lyophilized raspberries 220g €5.20
Jam ‘Cherries with coffee’ €6.19
Cherry and coffee jam €5.99
Apple and raspberry jam €5.99
Roasted plum jam €4.99
Carrots and hazelnuts spread €4.99
Eggplant spread €4.99
Cauliflower relish with hazelnut €5.99
Pickles relish with dill €4.99
Lingonberry and chocolate sauce €5.99
Beetroot BBQ sauce €4.99
Plum BBQ sauce €5.99
Ramson PESTO €5.80
Basil PESTO €6.80
Organic caramelized onion jam €5.99
Fermented cabbages with caraway seeds €4.39
Fermented carrots with celery €4.39
Fermented beets with smoked paprika €4.39
Fermented cucumbers €5.50
Pickled organic patty pans €3.40
Pickled organic courgettes €6.80
Pickled organic carrots €3.40
Pickled organic beetroots €6.80
Pickled green tomatoes €6.80
Vegan KIMCHI €5.99
Chicken liver pâté €5.80
Beef liver pâté €6.80
Limfod blue clams €7.90
Norwegian sea herring No. 1 €6.90
Baltic sea sprat No. 2 €6.90
Danish fresh trout €8.90
Sprats “Baltic sea sprat” No. 4 €6.90
Hummus €4.99
Classic mayonnaise €4.80
Ramson mayonnaise €4.80
Vegan mayonnaise €4.80
Tomato ketchup €5.99
Honey and spices syrup €4.99
Sea buckthorns syrup €7.59
Sweet & sour strawberry sauce €4.59
Quince syrup €4.59
Dried fennel €1.99
Dill oil €4.99
Blackcurrant and Balsamic Vinegar Salad Dressing €4.29
Flax seed and herb salad dressing €4.29
Ramson salad dressing €4.29
Honey – mustard dressing €4.29
Honey €8.90
Honey (smaller) €6.30
Honey €2.99
Fermented sap €5.99
Apple juice 5L €6.00
Fermented tomato juice €2.49
Lemon verbena iced tea €2.49
Black currant bud iced tea €2.49
Fir tips iced tea €2.49
Non alcoholic sparkling herbal tea ‘L’ANTIDOTE’ €18.00
Lomer traubensaft non alcoholic beer €15.00
Sparkling tea Silver Needle €21.00
Sparkling wine La Tordera Saomi Prosecco Brut €14.00
Sparkling wine Meinklang Prosa Rose Pet-Nat €18.00
Sparkling wine Duetz Brut Classic €37.00
Sparkling wine ’14 Horses’ €23.00
White wine 14Horses €17.00
White wine Anselmo Mendes Muros Antigos Alvarinho €18.00
White wine Fred Loimer Langenloiser Gruner Veltliner €21.00
White wine Andre Bonhomme Cuvee Speciale Vire-Clesse €27.00
White wine Plein La Vue by Jeff Carrel €15.00
Red wine 14 Horses €17.00
Red wine Querciabella Mongrana DOC €21.00
Red wine Louis Latour Bourgogne Pinot Noir AOC €24.00
Red wine Mottura Stilio Primitivo di Manduria Taranto DOC €19.00
Red wine V Puro Doravante DOC €23.00
Cider Bouche brut Pere Huter €14.00
French spakling cider €11.00
Senator’s Mustache beer €2.10
Beer Forest €2.45
Blue Moon Wheat Beer €2.00
Beer Visa-ginnes €2.40
Beer Pumpkin Up €2.70
Beer ‘Sensation weizen’ €2.40
Veggies and herbs picked from the garden
Greenhouse veggies (Tomatoes; paprika; aubergine; tomatilos; cucumber) €3.99
Roots veggies (potatoes; beetroots; carrots; celery) €2.49
Open field veggies (all kind of cabbages; leeks; zuchinni; patty pan) €1.99
Herbs (a lot of varieties mint, fennel and and everything what grows in the corner of the field) €18.00
Greens (everything from glass greenhouses like radishes, parsley, verbena, coriander and etc) €10.00