For us, sustainability is not only food related.  It’s a foundation upon which we build our values and strategies. We aim to work towards the highest standards of sustainability in everything we do.

This sustainability plan is written by Arnór Bjarkason.

We wish to openly and honestly share our views and daily practices with everyone working at Red
Brick restaurant and anyone else interested.

For more information and any questions related to this sustainability pledge, please contact Arnór Bjarkason:


We aim to highlight local produce from the Farmers circle farm, along with wild, seasonal and organic produce.

All our produce excluding miso, tamari and citrus is from the Baltic and Nordic region and most from the very soil where the restaurant is found, at Farmers Circle.

We only use produce when it is in its natural growth season. We also preserve the ingredients in numerous ways when they are in season so we can use them during the frosty winter months when the ground is frozen, and nothing grows.

We strive to work only with producers who share and respect our values.

To ensure our producers are true to our values we make time to visit them at their production facilities, and if that’s not possible, we kindly ask them for photos or videos of their production facilities.

We keep our staff informed about every producer we work with. This way our staff will be able to tell our customers information about our produce.


Unfortunately, due to pollution in the Baltic Sea we must travel further away to get our seafood,

We look for fish suppliers in the north to get our seafood.

We are only cooking with sustainably sourced fish and seafood, and no fish that is grown in a way that may harm the growth and population of any fish species.

Meat & Poultry

We use only Lithuanian meat and poultry.

We work with farms that promote animal welfare and aline with our views of sustainability.

With all the animals we use we make sure that the whole animal is used, be it as a steak, a broth or curing.

Our goal is to establish a close relationship with local hunters and use wild game as much as possible within the hunting seasons.

All our eggs are free-range and organic, and come from Farmers circle farm.

Drinks & Service

All our drinks are from Lithuania, except for wines and some spirits.

Our wines are mostly trom small European producers who value ecological and natural practices.

Along with our wines, we are offering seasonal juices, made from various fruits and vegetables from the farm and the wild.

We also offer kombucha and beer from local producers, with the possibility of reaching to other countries in the Baltic region.

Coffee is roasted locally from a roaster who shares our values.

All future ceramics to be made by local Lithuanian ceramists along with wooden cutlery made by hand in Lithuania.

Decorations for the restaurants are hand picked wildflowers by our staff, when wildflowers are not in season, we use flowers which have been dried during the warmer seasons.


We aim to reduce all food and packaging waste as much as possible, we ask all our producers to deliver only our products and the producers willreuse their shipping boxes for later delivery.

We use up all of the produce we get, either by drying for later use, using off cuts in broths, for juice.

Same goes for animal products, only exception for this is if the parts of the animals or plants are poisonous or naturally inedible, they will be turned into compost.

We aim not to use any plastic wrap in our kitchen and minimize the use of plastic all together.

All other trash will be recycled and separated.


All staff is briefed on our values and sustainability plans, our staff always gets updates when anything changes.

The well-being of our staff is of upmost importance, as I believe it has a direct impact on the quality of the restaurant, and of course we can’t be sustainable in food but not with people.

We want Red Brick to be a happy place for everyone and therefore we have zero tolerance to discrimination of any kind, be it racism, sexism or
anything else.

All staff is recommended to report any issues of discrimination they witness.

The future and how to get better

While it will be a struggle from the beginning to follow this plan, we will learn everyday to better ourselves, it will take time to find high quality suppliers that will meet our standards of both quality and sustainability, we will try our absolute best to not make any compromises.

We will always keep our eyes open for ways to better ourselves and be more sustainable. 

We will aim to produce less waste and use less plastic every day.

In the future, we will try to do our own miso, our own tamari and similar products, we will try to not import any produce from outside of Lithuania beside wine and seafood.

We aim for the Michelin guide green star (if or when it arrives to Lithuania) as our values meet theirs and we will actively work towards upgrading our silver level ecological certificate to a gold level.

We will re-visit this sustainability plan in the beginning of 2024.

Arnor Ingi Bjarkason
Executive chef
July 2023

Sustainability pledge Overview

  • Be as much local as possible.
  • Cook with seasonal produce from the Baltic and Nordic regions.
  • Preserve seasonal produce for the winter months.
  • Reduce plastic waste and all other waste.
  • Keep close relationships with producers.
  • Take care of staff well-being.

Arnór Ingi Bjarkason


At the heart of Red Brick – the Icelandic chef from Reykjavik, Arnór Ingi Bkarkason.


Arnór is passionate about sustainable cooking, grounded in Baltic cuisine with influences from the Nordics and Japan. Simplicity is at the forefront of his cooking philosophy.

Arnór had previously worked at restaurants such as FiskMarkaðurinn in Iceland, Studio in Copenhagen and Pacai in Vilnius.